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Welcome to the Stallholder Page for Soul Night Market Brighton.
Below you will find all of the information you will require for the day 
NEXT MARKET: Friday January 8 from 5-9pm


- At this stage, no updates but the weather is looking at top of 24 degrees full sun and light 10-15 kmh winds but it is an open venue on the sea so make sure you are still well-weighted for wind gusts. See you all tomorrow


- SITE CHANGE - Please read through all the info carefully as the site layout has changed from last year to cope with Covid Requirements from Bayside Council. All outside stalls face in towards the monument now so we can create and in and out system. 

- CARS - Majority of cars are behind the stall but there may be a few we cannot accommodate as per the Stall No Map.  

- LIGHTING - It is your responsibility to light your stand at the Night Market but this market finishes right on sunset so it will only need minimum lighting 

- UPDATES - Please check back on this site from 4pm on Thursday for any last minute changes etc 


Updated Mon 4th 


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