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About Unrivalled Events
Unrivalled Events Mt Martha Events

We Create, Manage & Plan 'Unrivalled Events'

Unrivalled Events is a Boutique Event Planning Company based in Mount Martha, Victoria. 


We specialise in Makers Markets, Festivals & Event Management with a core focus on producing quality events in our stunning home of Mount Martha.


With over 27 years of experience in managing and planning events large and small all over the world, our expertise is 'Unrivalled'

Our Diamond Icon & Brand Values 


A Diamond typifies what Unrivalled Events brand values are. 


To us, Diamonds are like a business. 


  Created from inside, only a few make it to the top and they only do so because of the Effort, Skill & Durability involved in the journey.    


No two Diamonds are the same they are Unique they have their own personality & character which makes them so Valuable & Exceptional. 

Unrivalled Events Markets
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Unrivalled Events is run by Experienced Entrepreneur Paul Harvey who has run over 1000 events in his 27-year career.


A multi-talented Event Manager who has created a diverse range of events including Music, Comedy & Street Performers Festivals, Freestyle Football Worldwide plus various Extreme Sports. 

Unrivalled Events Pty Ltd are members of the following Industry Associations
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