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Unrivalled Events and Canopy Outdoor Partner

Unrivalled Events are delighted to announce a partnership with leading Marquee Supply Company, Canopy Outdoor, that will provide huge benefits to all of Unrivalled Events Market Stallholders.

Speaking about the partnership, Unrivalled Events Owner Paul Harvey said "We are delighted to partner with Canopy Outdoor as our Official Supply Partner and really hope our stallholders take advantage of the great offers we have made available for them. At markets we do see alot of the cheaper Bunnings Gazebos & BCF Camping Marquee's and whilst they are acceptable in light winds, as soon as winds get up to 20kmh and above, they start to move considerably and alot of them actually buckle and break due to the poor cheap frame connectors and powder coated steel legs. We needed a cost effective solution for our stallholders and Canopy Outdoor's entry level 30 series marquee is perfect, a well built strong aluminum frame and connectors. Their is no greater stress for stallholders than holding onto the middle of their marquee's in wind gusts with the fear that their marquee is going to bend and break. We want to take that stress away and for under $300 for us it is a must investment for all of our stallholders. The other great advantage of Canopy Outdoor is their solid and practical 15kg leg weights. Consisting of 2 x 7.5kg cast irons weights on each leg they are alot easier to lift for all our stallholders (the majority whom are females) and they can be purchased for under $40 a set. We see alot of stallholders using the Bunnings Base Pods which are only 10kg in weight and also very hard to carry. Alot of our venues are in spectacular, but sometimes exposed to the elements, venues and a strong marquee and weight system is essential and one that we will insisting on moving forward, for the safety of our stallholders and shoppers."

Above: Unrivalled Events Official HQ Marquee from Preferred Supplier Canopy Outdoor

Canopy Outdoor Owner Alex Cimpoes who manufacturer the Marquee's said "We're excited to work with Paul and the team at Unrivalled Events to help everyone at their markets to protect themselves and their stock from the elements - and most importantly represent themselves to a high standard to help grow their businesses."

The Unrivalled Events and Canopy Outdoor's Partnership will allow Registered Unrivalled Events Stallholders the opportunity to purchase Marquee's, both Plain and Branded, plus Leg Weights with a 20% discount for less than $450 plus Canopy Outdoor will also be offering a Payment Plan to allow stallholders to pay off in 4 x Instalaments.

To find out more about the offers please visit the Unrivalled Events newly created Stallholders Tips Page which lists the options available.

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